About ServiceHub

ServiceHub.ng (formerly Afro-freelancers.com) is an online community built for the purpose of connecting Nigerian service providers and clients for the purpose of using freelance services to get Jobs done.

This community was developed in response to the need to manage the unemployment rate in Nigeria. The purpose of this community is to help the public get paid by doing what they enjoy doing.

People go for skill acquisition training but after the training they can’t utilize what they have acquired as there is no means to showcase their skills and talents. This platform will bring to light those hidden talents.

. Not only freelancers can benefit from this platform, the benefits are also open to businesses and companies. Some benefits includes:

• Small business can grow their business on this freelance website
• Companies that can't recruit employees can hire freelancers to get their project done at a cheaper rate and in a short time
• Access to massive pool of quality talents
• Easier means of sourcing for products and services
• Workers can enjoy freedom to work independently
• Ease with finding Jobs through the internet
• Easy access to manufacturing and agricultural industries to boost the country’s economy
• Recruit and create own working team.

With the current economical state of the economy, most companies' Job recruitment has decreased but that doesn’t mean they don’t have works to be done. They prefer the service of a freelancer who can work for them on a contractual agreement for a given amount of time.
So with this platform, a new world of opportunities has been established. It is time to stop searching for Jobs and let the Jobs find you.