For Employers

  • Tell us details of your project and our freelancers will get it done for you in a short time.
  • Post your project for free so interested freelancers around your location can bid for the job and you can browse for relevant freelancers and make offers.
  • Browse profiles, compare proposals and communicate with preferred candidates
  • Real time Chat with candidates
  • Award your project to preferred freelancer
  • Communicate on how to meet while applying safety measures
  • Get job done and make payment when job is completed or as agreed
  • Complete project by rating and review on freelancer's page

For Service Providers

  • Create your freelance profile.
  • Edit your profile. Specify the freelance services you want to offer and your location so employers can find you when they search for freelancers with such services and location.
  • Browse Jobs and bid for jobs that interests you. A new user has access to 10 free credits , 1bid = 1credit. Once bid credit is exhausted, you are required to fund your account. 100 credit cost #1,000 naira
  • Agreement with employer on Job description, payment and how to meet physically to get Job done.
  • Get paid after Job completion
  • Complete jobs by rating and review on employer’s page.